Bowman Bears Keepsake Bears - Keepsake Patchwork Quilts

Keepsake Quilts

Bowman Bears memory quilt made from favourite clothes. Personalised with name and date of birth.Bowman Bears can also offer you a bespoke patchwork keepsake quilt made from special items of clothing. 

This is a lovely way to use all of the clothes and blankets that you may not want to throw away. 

Keepsake Patchwork quilts can be made in combed size up to Single bed size.

I can also offer Patchwork Keepsake bumpers.

Keepsake baby quilt. A lovely way to preserve the lovely memories of your children, especially if you have lots of clothes. Bowman Bears

Prices are available from my price list.

Bowman Bears Keepsake quilt, memory quilt made from clothing

Memory quilts are wonderful personalised gifts too.

Maybe even combining your own clothes with your baby's clothes is a wonderful way of remembering your pregnancy and the early days of your baby's life.

This patchwork keepsake quilt was made from girls clothing, granddad and Grandmother's clothes.

Bowman Bears Keepsake bears. Remembrance Bears, wedding dress bears.

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