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What to do with those old duvets ..?

I love making keepsake items as I find it hard to get rid of those especially sentimental items from those lovely early years of being a parent. However I understand that not everyone can bring themselves to cut up special clothes to make into a bear, so I have decided to start making bedding bears.

The are exactly the same as memory bears, although not patchwork, but still create a timeless keepsake.

I made my own one yesterday out of my daughter's old duvet cover. I had two of them so I decided to make the other one into a bear.

Hearts galore

I just thought I would post a few pictures of the hanging wedding hearts I have made for a friends wedding in June. I am really pleased with how they turned out, even though they took me longer than I had anticipated, all the hard work paid off in the end.

Here they are stacked in their box.
Hanging Hearts, Wedding Gift, sewingI made 65 hearts, although you can't see this in the picture.

The wedding theme is grey and cream so I chose the colours to complement this. The first material I chose was made by Clarke & Clarke, grey and white spotty with a white ribbon.

Rain, rain and more rain

Wow, what a rainy week we have had, in fact they have said it is the wettest April since 2000...although I don think they hype these things up a bit.

In the world of bears however, I am plodding along very nicely. I have had lots of orders in the past few weeks, especially for bears for weddings.

I have just finished making two very special bears to actually be included in the wedding itself! They will go down the aisle with the bridesmaid and pageboy. I was really excited to get started. The bride wanted Purple, Blue, Cream and Grey.

New bear on the block

Morning, well I have had an eventful two weeks of Easter Holidays, it was lovely but I am looking forwards to Nursery starting again tomorrow!

Cath Kidston fabric Bowman Bear. Jointed Bear would make a lovely personalised gift.Things have changed recently with a new bear that I have introduced. I really like his face and he is very pretty. He is easier to sew too.

He is still fully jointed so his arms and legs move, but the face is slightly smaller.

I really like him.

I am making wedding favours at the moment, which is lovely but so different to making bears. I have become quite speedy at the bears now, maybe as I have practiced a bit more, and I like that I don't quite know who they will become at the end of the making process.

All I can smell is lavender!

For ages I have wanted to make small bears filled with lavender or just stuffed for a very little child. Anyway, today I received my order of Lavender from Provence Lavender and I started to get sewing.

Here is the end result. They need a little tidying up, and I have decided to do the muzzle on the face in the soft suede fabric I used for my bear's noses, I think that would look better.

Lavender Bears, sewingThey smell lovely though! I keep walking around with them, although the house does now only smell of lavender due to the big bag of it that arrived today.

Always order more than enough fabric...

My title should hopefully detail the content of this post... I had a fabric glitch...

I was on track to make a really lovely linen patchwork bear, I had cut out most of my sections for the bear and only needed a few more but i ran out of fabric.

So, onto ebay again and I ordered some more.

So the moral of the story, always check the measurements before you buy...

I have posted some photos of the bear sections before I realised I didn't have enough fabric.
Bowman Bears Blog image. Jointed bears. sewing

Stuff and fluff

Welcome to my Bowman Bears Blog....that is a lot of 'B's!

I have finally just got both children to sleep to I can write my first blog entry in peace! Well, my website is now up and running and I am really pleased with it, and it wasn't to hard to build either.

Over the coming weeks I will post my 'makes' on here and try and show how I make them. I do, however have a lovely linen fabric that I might have to start sewing into a bear, it is just too lovely to leave in the pile any longer!
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